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Every now and then you get lucky. I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to tour Denver from a point of view that not that many people get to see, at 6800 feet in the air directly above the city via the Arta Tequila helicopter. Let me back up. So a few weeks ago I heard that Arta Tequila was putting on an Instagram contest and all you had to do was go to this event and order your favorite Arta margarita and post it on Instagram with the recipe. Keep in mind that this was during Cinco de Mayo as well so I was craving tequila anyways. Anyways, you can put two and two together and I won the contest so I hastily traveled to Centennial Airport during my lunch break for a unique experience.

I got to the airport totally unprepared for anything, I arrived 15 minutes late barely knowing who to ask for when I got there and also nervous because I realized I had never been on a helicopter before. I was surprised to learn that it was actually the owner Tony Mayer of Arta Tequila that would be piloting the helicopter. The reality of the situation started to set in at this point, this wasn’t some quirky little experience that just happens, this was something really f*¢king cool. I thought the cherry on top was seeing military f-18’s fly overhead which then landed nearby, not the case.
So we take off. When we started making more forward momentum it was a surprisingly smooth ride yet still super loud, that’s why they make you wear those noise canceling head phones that are also radios between you, the pilot and ground control. Those things are actually really hard to use when communicating with the pilot. You pretty much have to put the mic on your lips and yell anything you want to say.

Anthony the pilot asked me if I had any specific places I wanted to go. I didn’t realize we could go pretty much anywhere. It was absolutely amazing flying over all the Denver skyscrapers and seeing landmarks like Coors Field and Invesco Field from above. I thought that would be it honestly but we headed west towards the foothills over Green Mountain and over Red Rocks Amphitheater, then towards my home town Littleton, Colorado where I saw all the places I knew so well.


I finally decided to ask Tony if we could fly over my parents house. No problem he says.

Now I was really beside myself!

I knew my parents would be completely baffled when they saw the pictures, if only they were outside so I could take a super secret spy picture of them while up in the sky. I then thought, “why not go back to my work while we are up here.” Flying around my work was the real treat because I knew no one was going to believe this and sure enough they were extremely confused by the fact that I was flying in a helicopter during my lunch break. Overall the experience was absolutely amazing and I am incredibly happy to have been able to take pictures of Denver from a birds eye view like that, I will remember the experience fondly, especially while enjoying a nice margarita.

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